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H & H Plumbing is your best source for professional, quality driven plumbing Mint Hill, NC and Charlotte, NC services 

Established in 1981, our comprehensive knowledge comes from six decades of experience. We will provide you with the most value and innovation per dollar spent.

Through the years projects have been as varied as the building industry itself. Our major projects include medical and dental offices, grocery stores and strip malls. Service repair contracts cover large and small problems with the same diligence.

It would be a pleasure to help you with all of your plumbing Mint Hill, NC and Charlotte, NC needs, just give us a call .

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Welcome to H & H Plumbing

Located in the heart of Mint Hill, NC, we are some of the best plumbing professionals in the area that your money can buy. We have been for about 35 years. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer of ours, you receive access to an extensive list of our services. Those services include 24/7 emergency plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heater repairs. Indeed, almost anywhere that there is a pipe in your home or office that needs plumbing maintenance, repairs, or replacement – you can trust H&H Plumbing to be there for you.

Whatever your plumbing Mint Hill, NC needs may be, we pride ourselves on providing professional service and quality work to home owners and local contractors in our community. In the event of any plumbing emergency, we hope you will look to H&H Plumbing to take care of your needs.

Our Secret to Success | Plumbing Mint Hill, NC

Having been in the business of plumbing for so long, we are not afraid to share our most valuable secret to success. After 35 years, we are here to tell you that the secret is building a sense of community among our customers. Mint Hill, NC is a small-town home to many families and a business district to many others. As plumbing Mint Hill, NC professionals, we strive to serve both aspects of the area by establishing ourselves in a convenient location, strengthening our relationships with our customers, and focusing on the greatness around us. In all that we do at H&H Plumbing, we do it with the kind of small-town charm and quality that bring us customers like you.

  • Our location in Mint Hill, NC – near Charlotte, NC – makes it easy for homeowners and local contractors in the area to find the plumbing service they need, especially in the event of a plumbing Mint Hill, NC emergency.
  • Our strong relationship with our customers makes it easy gain access to water heating, plumbing, and draining solutions. Whether you are new customer or an old one, H&H Plumbing looks forward to serving you.
  • Lastly, our recognition of the potential of homeowners and local contractors to succeed in their adventures makes it easy for everyone in Mint Hill, NC to recognize the potential in us. We are not afraid to get dirty, because our industry demands it.

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