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We’re All about It | Plumbing Mint Hill, NC

Judging by our name – H&H Plumbing – it is easy to assume that all we offer our residential and commercial customers is plumbing. Though plumbing is one of our main services, it is not the only service we offer in the Mint Hill, NC area. Our specialized services also include draining repairs and maintenance and water heating upkeep and maintenance. To learn more about each of these services, or to determine what kind of plumbing Mint Hill, NC service you need – check out the useful guide below.

Also remember that emergency service is available 24/7.

Plumbing Service Includes: Commercial, Residential, and Institutional Service + New construction and Repair + Mainline Jetting + Backflow Prevention Device + Inspections, Repairs, and Installation

Draining Service Includes: Drain Cleaning + Commercial, Residential, and Institutional Service + New Construction and Repair + Mainline Jetting + New Installation, Testing and Repair + Inspections, Repairs, and Installation

Water Heating Service Includes: Commercial, Residential, and Institutional Service + Mainline Jetting + Sewer and Water Line Install and Repair + Pump Install and Repair + Tankless Water Heater + Inspections, Repairs, and Installation

Notably, these services are competitively priced and they come with the guarantee that our team of plumbing Mint Hill, NC professionals will take care of you. Because we care for the Mint Hill, NC and greater surrounding area of Charlotte, NC – we shall always look forward to working with you.

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