During the holiday season our lives become quite hectic and busier than normal. We’re spending time with family, traveling and using our plumbing in Mint Hill, NC a little more than usual. Sometimes we have problems with our plumbing that were unaware of. We have to be more aware and pay attention to our plumbing. We have to resolve small problems before they become major issues. The last thing we want is a plumbing disaster during the holidays. To avoid a plumbing disaster, consider these holiday plumbing tips from H&H Plumbing Inc.

Be Aware of What Goes Down the Drain

One plumbing disaster that will most likely spoil your holiday is a problem with the draining in Mint Hill, NC. If you or someone else pour something down your drain that isn’t supposed to be poured down the drain, it will most not function properly. Avoid pouring cooking oil down the drain because it will likely solidify and cause blockage.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly

A garbage disposal is a very useful device that is installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap. It is very important that it used properly. This means not putting materials down it which the unit will find difficult to grind. This includes poultry and the peels from various fruits, vegetables, egg shells, and rice. If it’s not able to be ground properly, it will very likely cause a blockage.

Certify that There is Enough Hot Water

Most of the hot water used in your home is from the bathroom, this comes from family and friends taking showers or soaking in the bathtub, especially during the holiday season. The best way to ensure there is enough hot water for everyone is spacing out the times people shower or bathe. This will give the hot water tank enough time to heat up between uses.Water heating in mint hill, nc is important, especially during the winter. If you have problems with the temperature of your water, H&H Plumbing Inc. is always here to help.

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