Hurricane season is officially underway. Are you prepared? If not, you should consider getting ready right away. Having a hurricane season to-do and checklist is very important. The checklist should include many items, and one item should be plumbing. Yes, plumbing. Many people don’t think about plumping but it is very important.

During hurricane season, every homeowner should know where the main water cut off is to their home is and know how to turn off the water heater. Heating and storing water puts extra pressure on your plumbing system, so shut off the gas or electrical supply to the unit. The water heater can be a source of potable water during a hurricane.

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But if you’re asking why should you know where the water shutoff valve is located, it is because cutting off your water during a hurricane or tropical storm can prevent contaminated water from entering the home. If you don’t know where the shutoff valve is then you can risk contaminating your home.

Although plumbing is one of our main services here are H&H Plumbing, it is not the only service we offer in the Mint Hill, NC area. Our specialized services also include draining repairs and maintenance and water heating upkeep and maintenance.

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