The best way to prevent plumbing emergencies in Mint Hill, NC is to keep your hardware well maintained. Working throughout Matthews, NC and Charlotte, NC as well, we’ve picked up a lot of great tips and tricks over the years. With that in mind, here are 3 ways you can easily prevent costly plumbing emergencies.

1. Take Care of Your Pipes

Your pipes go through a lot, make sure you’re using them with care to make sure you’re not overburdening them. Use drain covers to keep food from clogging your pipes and use traps in shower drains to prevent hair clogs. In addition, don’t pour oil or cooking grease down the drain. Just adding these guards will make a huge difference in making sure your pipes stay healthy.

2. Check Your Water Heater

Just like your pipes, you want to make sure you’re taking care of your water heater in Mint Hill, NC. Your water heater should be inspected annually to ensure proper operation. If you don’t make the call, a malfunctioning water heater wastes energy and costs you money. In addition, repairs can help prolong the life of your unit.

3. Don’t Wait— Get Help When You Need It

Most importantly, call a plumber at the first sign of leaks or clogs. Waiting to take action on your plumbing will just make matters worse for your Mint Hill, NC home. Taking action and calling can help prevent more costly repairs. In addition, don’t hesitate to replace old pipes and fixtures, have your plumber inspect for leaks throughout your home, and conduct routine maintenance.

If you’re ready to get help with your plumbing needs in Mint Hill, NC, Matthews, NC, or Charlotte, NC, don’t hesitate to contact us at H & H plumbing. Established in 1981, our comprehensive knowledge comes from six decades of experience. We will provide you with the most value and innovation per dollar spent. Our major projects include medical and dental offices, grocery stores and strip malls. Service repair contracts cover large and small problems with the same diligence.It would be a pleasure to help you with all of your plumbing needs. To get started, contact us today.